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peoria raiders of the arizona football league

Coaching Raiders is a Lost Art

By Kevin Pakos, 01/11/17, 2:30PM MST


Fourth Time is a Charm for new Raiders staff

When we got the call from Josh Goodloe asking if we had a team in the 2017 AzFL season looking for coaches, we were glad to hear from him.

There is always a need for coaches like Josh and Joseph Trinidad. The fact that they were available was a good thing for all, the team, players and league. 

Josh handles the offense and T the defense. Their style is suited for a league where most of the men have jobs and families and don't need someone using "negative reinforcement" on them after work.

They did add another to help on the "O" Coach Jerry Ball. He is a coach at Copper Canyon high school. Goodloe has been at Milleneum and Trinidad at

Together these men bring an authentic confidence to the Raiders. Yep, that is the team Goodloe and T wanted to be. Black and Silver. In the AzFL, it will be the fourth rendition of the Raiders and could easily be the best.

Not an easy task since Rex Bowser was the HC of the last Raiders squad. Rex left the Raiders to lead Seton Catholic to several visits to the high school state championships. 

The Raiders are coming together rapidly. As a first year squad they have room for more players to join them. Linemen are a high priority, as always. But all positions are open

They recently scrimmaged the Tempe Predators and got a taste of far west hospitality from the West Valley Head Hunters. Two very good teachers for the young new players from Peoria.

Just Win Baby has been the Raiders pro team's motto since Al Davis spat it out for the world to hear. Now, the new version of the Club level squad is set to make their mark. History is being made and will echo thru eternity.

OK, a bit much, but you get it. Shields up Raider Nation, there is a new kid in town.

Photos from the recent scrimmages are online now, get them here.

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