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AzFL Arizona Football League players dance for joy

Don't Let Work or School Keep You From Playing

By Kevin Pakos, 02/06/17, 5:15PM MST


Can't Practice, There is a team for you!

The game of football is hard to walk away from. It is a rare sport that feeds a players ego, passion and need for a brotherhood. Something bigger than them. 

Many would love to play in the Arizona Football League but they have obligations at work or school that don't give them time during the week to practice.  We understand this, so do the coaches and owners.

If you want to play but can only make games on Saturday. We have a new team that is looking for people that want to get on the field without sacrificing their responsibilities. This team will play most of it's game in the Phoenix area and only travel a few times.

They are just starting out and will work with you. Call Dana at the AzFL at 623-939-4877. Keep in mind that this is a Club recreational league. The teams only practice one or two nights a week because players have to take care of things.

Play calling and team systems are kept simple to allow for your busy schedules. Whether you are right out of high school and need to stay on film and get recruited. Or you simply need to hit someone each week to blow off steam. There is a place for you.

Get your gear. Join, then Hit Hustle Play in the AzFL today. Info on benefits and requirements are HERE. Look around the website. Read the articles. View the video and photos. Check out the teams and other links then get in the game. Welcome back to the Brotherhood.

To find out how to get on a team call Dana at 623-939-4877

2016 AzFL State Champs Tucson Demons

Defending State Champs Tucson Demons

Chasing Gold the 2017 #AzFL Championship

The off season for football players is the toughest time of all. No matter how your squad finished,  you still have something to prove. 

The champs from 2016 are back.  The Tucson Demons won it all last seaon.  Will they be ready for the challenge from  the team they beat the Tempe Predators? Then you have their rivals from Scottsdale, the Crusaders waiting for their shot at a championship.

In all nine teams are getting ready for the Race for Gold in this the 23rd season for the Arizona Football League.  The CRU, Preds along with the West Valley Head Hunters have been in some title games. They won some and lost some. Each believes this is their year.

Throw in the Cave Creek Dragons, East Valley Vengeance, Peoria Raiders, Prescott Valley Patriots and the Tucson Punishers to make it interesting. They all want a piece of the pie.

Each team has added new players, coaches and taken a hard core attitude in their off season preparation. I for one cannot wait. To learn about each team, visit our team link at the top of the page.



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AzFL Arizona Football League players dance for joy

Don't Let Work or School Keep You From Playing

By Kevin Pakos 02/06/2017, 5:15pm MST

Can't Practice, There is a team for you!

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