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Football Helmets Into the Future

By Kevin Pakos, 02/21/17, 7:15AM MST


Voices In My Head

Star Wars just got real on the football field. Not long ago football helmet makers were running away from the market in droves. Lawsuits made it nearly impossible to avoid cost overload collisions.

Today, everyone with a 3D printer is a manufacturer. You can spend a few hundred to over a thousand dollars on a melon mash protection device or MMPD.  

Just as we were adjusting to the choices, options, and purpose for each variety of football helmet. Safety, weight, balance, design, but looking dope, well that is the big one. No one wants to look like the fat head in a video game.

Get ready for hi-tech on and in your head on every snap of every game. With HUD heads up display, climate control, and digital audio, a player can adjust on the fly to all the changes on each play.

Our advice, find a place to play where you like the sound of your coaches voice. A three hour game with Donald Duck in your ear could be depressing. 

Finally, someone besides the Oregon football program can look fly on the football field. In fact, everyone can.  Well, if they have the duckets. 

VR tech is an awesome thing. Football is an awesome thing. Put the two together and you have the best of both worlds, Sci and Fi.

Don't take my word for any of it. Just go the website and social media page for the Gridiron Labs folks and enjoy. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

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