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All Teams Video Online Weekly

By Kevin Pakos, 02/26/17, 9:00PM MST


Watch AzFL FREE every game, every week

Be The Game - Play, then watch with your teammates, coaches, scouts, family, friends. Every game for every team is posted online every week. Watch, dowload FREE to all.

Get film so you can be scouted, recruited and signed to the next level. 

Coaches everywhere are saying they want to see you play. They want to see your game film. Not your workout, combine, camp and testing video. They want your playing, reacting, hitting video.

The AzFL has always posted all the games online for FREE viewing by anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

If you have someone you want to send film to, send them the link to your game each week. Tell them they don't need a password, membership or have to pay a fee to view them. 

This is available to every player on every team. If you are looking for a tryout or just in it for the love of the game. Tell them where they can find you. 

Each play of every game is added to the Playlist, on the right side of the video as it is playing. You can watch the entire game and also capture just the plays you are in. 

The link to the master page with every game is HERE.

If you want to copy and past the link, here it is: