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Schedule 2017 AzFL

2017 is 23rd season of play for the AzFL - Playoff Schedule 
Six teams are in the playoffs #1 & #2 receive a bye in first round. 

Saturday May 13th T-Bird HS: Round 1: 
Officials:  Boyd Morse, Glenn Koepnick, Bob Beragnoli, Jim Fogltance, Robert Fogltance
 5PM #4 Demons 7-3 32 #5 Head Hunters 6-5 24
7:30 #3 Crusaders 7-2-1 14 #6 Patriots 5-6 10

Saturday May 20 T-BIrd HS: Semi Finals:
Officials: Boyd Morse, Glen Koepnick, Bob Bertagnoli, Matt Kruger, Gilbert Gherna

5PM #3 Crusaders 8-3-1 6 #2 Predators 8-2-1 12 2-OT
7:30 #4 Demons 9-3 28 #1 Dragons 8-3 6 

Saturday June 3: Thunderbird HS
7:30 #2 Tempe Predators 8-2-1 vs #4 Tucson Demons 9-3
Rematch of 2016 State Championship. A win by Tucson would make them the 4th team to win back to back titles
Regular Season 2017 Team listed first is home

 w-01 Feb 11 all PHX Thunderbird HS
Noon Crusaders 6 Head Hunters 26
2:30  Vengeance 6 Dragons 7
5pm  Predators 6 Demons 26
BYE Patriots, Punishers, Raiders

w-02 Feb 18 all PHX  Thunderbird HS 
No Games Today. Rained Out. Will be played on May 6th.
Noon  Raiders v Head Hunters
2:30  Predators v Crusaders 
5pm    Vengeance v Punishers 
7:30    Demons v Dragons 
BYE  Patriots

w-03 Feb 25 PHX-3 PV-1 Thunderbird HS / PV area
Noon  Crusaders 58 Raiders 0
2:30    Vengeance 0 Demons 14
5pm    Head Hunters 49 Punishers 0
Prescott Valley Area / Mayer HS
Officials: Eric Sanders R, Mike Gillespie U, Ben Sieagala H, Leo Doores LJ, Tyler Nelson BJ
1pm Patriots 0 Dragons 28
BYE   Predators 

w-04  March 4 PHX-3 Tucson-1 Thunderbird HS / Cienega HS
Noon   Raiders 20 Patriots 26
2:30     Head Hunters 47 Vengeance 6
5pm     Dragons 17 Predators 14
Tucson Cienega HS
Noon Punishers 0 Demons 52
BYE Crusaders

w-05  March 11 PV-3 PV Area
No Games in Phoenix 
Prescott Valley Area / Mayer HS
Officials: Leo Doores BJ/referee, Tyler Nelson BJ/referee, Chet Teague umpire, Ben Sialega linesman, Steve Gottlieb line judge
10:30   Dragons 14 Crusaders 20 OT
1pm      Predators 34 Raiders 0
3:30     Patriots 34 Head Hunters 30
BYE Vengeance, Punishers, Demons 

w-06 March 18 PHX-2 Tucson-2 Thunderbird HS / Cienega HS
5pm   Vengeance 0 Crusaders 24
7:30    Dragons 33 Patriots 30 OT
Tucson Cienega HS
Noon  Punishers 12 Raiders 0
2:30    Demons 0 Predators 6 OT
BYE    Head Hunters

w-07 March 25 PHX-2 Tucson-2 Thunderbird HS / Cienega HS
Officials: Brian Canaday, Gary Skow, Matt Krueger, Darren Cummings, Gilbert Gherna
5pm   Crusaders 34 Patriots 6
7:30     Predators 44 Raiders 6
Tucson Cienega HS 
Officials: Boyd Morse, Bob Bertagnoli, Glenn Koepnick, Gary Wisk, Tyler Stevens
11AM   Punishers 6 Vengeance 24
1:30     Demons 14 Head Hunters 6
BYE Dragons 

w-08 April 1 PHX-2 PV-2 Thunderbird HS / PV Area
Officials:  Gary Wisk, Octavio Sotelo, Matt Krueger, Gilbert Gherna, Jodi Lyons
5pm    Predators 8 Head Hunters 6 
7:30      Crusaders 46 Punishers 0 
Prescott Valley Area / Mayer HS
Officials: Boyd Morse R, Cleo Robinson BJ, Eric Sanders LJ,
Chet Teague U, Ben Siagela  LM, 

1pm      Dragons 34 Vengeance 14 
3:30      Patriots 28 Raiders 6
BYE  Demons 

w-09  April 8 PHX-3 Thunderbird HS 
2:30      Raiders 8 Dragons 43
5pm       Predators 18 Patriots 13
7:30       Head Hunters 9 Crusaders 22
Tucson Cienega HS 
Demons 1 Punishers 1 forfeit
BYE Vengeance 

w-10  April 15 PHX-2 Tucson-2 Thunderbird HS / Cienega HS
5pm       Patriots 34 Vengeance 0
7:30       Head Hunters 52 Dragons 25
Tucson Cienega HS
5pm     Demons 18 Crusaders 8
7:30     Punishers 0 Predators 40
BYE  Raiders 

w-11  April 22 PHX All Games at Mayer HS 
11am      Vengeance 6 Predators  44
1:30        Raiders 0 Head Hunters  51
4pm         Crusaders 14 Demons 6
6:30         Punishers 6 Patriots 44
BYE Dragons 

w-12 April 29  PHX All 3 games Thunderbird HS
2:30      Raiders 24 Vengeance  13
5pm       Patriots 13 Demons  36
7:30       Dragons 33 Punishers 6
BYE Predators, Crusaders, Head Hunters

w-13 Make up Date May 6th at PHX  Thunderbird HS 
Noon  Raiders 6 Head Hunters 48 
2:30   Predators 6 Crusaders 6 OT
5pm    Vengeance 29 Punishers 8
7:30     Demons 14 Dragons 27
BYE  Patriots

Top six teams are in the playoffs.

If you want to play in 2018, learn how to join get the INFO HERE. To become a team owner call us at 623-939-4877. 


To learn about the benefits of playing in the AzFL and how to join now, go HERE.  All game videos are posted online each week.

Photos, action, sideline, teams all are include in your AzFL To see last years photos and the ones from pre-season, find them here

Contact AzFL

Contact AzFL

Arizona Football League

Phone: 623-939-4877

Tucson Area Cienega High School
12775 E Mary Anne Cleveland Way Vail, AZ 85641 MAP. Exit 275 go North to first light, turn right go past first HS on left that is Empire. Continue to Cienega.

Phoenix: Thunderbird High School: 
1750 W. Thunderbird Road Phoenix AZ 85023-6307 (MAP) Located on the NE corner of 19th Ave and Thunderbird in N-PHX

Prescott Valley Area.
Mayer High School 17300 E. Mule Deer Drive, Mayer, AZ 86333
 MAP. Home of the Wildcats.  It is only a 45 minute drive North from Thunderbird HS. Take highway 69 two miles West of the I-17 off the Cordes Junction exit. It will be on the South side of the road.


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